50 Best Trending Products To Sell Online In 2021

best dropshipping products 2021

Millions of people want to start dropshipping and quit that 9-5 job as soon as possible. However, choosing the best and most profitable trending products to sell in 2021 requires some brainstorming. Many aspiring online dropshippers find it difficult to choose what to sell with millions of products available on the market. They tend to think that what they could sell is already being sold. What’s worse, they may even think that everyone else is selling the same product.

However, the truth is that choosing what to sell online may be hard, but not impossible. Finding extraordinary product ideas may not be an easy feat, particularly if you are new to both e-commerce and dropshipping.

So first, you need to understand that deciding what to sell online is a strategy within itself because this decision will affect many other aspects of your dropshipping business. For example, the global dropshipping market revenue share by product varies between several categories. It’s divided between fashion, food, furniture, toys, and electronics.

It will have an impact on your business name, website design, finances, marketing, and so on. Consequently, it will affect the overall success of your dropshipping business. In short, without the right trending products to sell, your dropshipping business will face an uphill battle before it even starts.

We all know that choosing profitable, top-selling products for your dropshipping business may be the hardest decision anyone will have to make when setting up an e-commerce business. So, to help you make the best decision, we have done our research and compiled a list of the 50 top trending products to sell using your online store.

Of course, it’s important to analyze all these products carefully and make the best decision possible, as long as it complies with your store’s niche categories.

List Of 50 Best Dropshipping Products To Sell In 2021

products to dropship

1. Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless technology has considerably advanced in recent years. Take the wireless phone charger, for example. It is a great device that allows a smartphone’s battery to be charged without a cable and plug. It is an ultra-convenient solution that can simplify the charging experience of your customers.

However, not all chargers are made equal. So, as an online seller, you need to consider things like its material, size, and how fast it can juice up a smartphone.

portable blender dropship

2. Portable Blenders

Although they may not have the power to rival traditional blenders, portable blenders are very popular today. They are easy to use and clean and can process any ingredients into smooth, creamy perfection. These blenders are handy for busy people who are short on time and want to take their energy-boosting drink on the go. So why not sell these products and let your customers make fresh beverages, smoothies, and shakes wherever they go?

best products to resell

3. Nail Polish

There is no scientific or philosophical reason why women paint their nails. They simply like to have pretty nails. So it comes as no surprise that they spend much time and money on both manicures and pedicures. With this in mind, add a wide array of nail polish colors and shades to your dropshipping website to impress as many women as possible.

4. Peel-Off Masks

Peel-off masks are, without a doubt, a great way to exfoliate and pamper the skin. No matter how tired, stressed, dehydrated, congested, or acne-prone the skin might be, there is actually a peel-off mask out there to help it recover and return its natural glow.

From reasonably priced masks that offer hydrating or detoxifying effects to slightly more luxurious ones for dry, oily, or sensitive skin, offer the product variety your customers need.

5. Phone Lenses

Today, the majority of people use their smartphones to take photos. Many smartphones come with great cameras. But some people simply want to explore the possibilities of macro, ultra-wide, and fisheye perspectives. Thanks to these smartphone lenses, enthusiastic photographers and influencers can finally take breathtaking photos with their phones.

By selling these products, you will make your customers happy and earn money at the same time. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

6. Face Shields

A lot of people worldwide deal with stress and financial uncertainties because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They worry about their health and the health of their loved ones. Therefore, to ensure they control the spread of the virus, they wear masks and, of course, face shields. They want greater protection, so, unsurprisingly, a face shield is one of the top-selling products today.

7. Inflatable Pet Collars

Owning a dog or a cat is an amazing thing. But the benefits of pet ownership come with certain obligations, including taking care of the pet. That’s why inflatable pet collars have recently become very popular. They are designed to prevent the pet from licking or biting their surgical site or injured area. As a new online seller, you can start selling these pet collars.

8. Eyeshadow Stamps

Designed specifically for new makeup artists, eyeshadow stamps are a magical eyeshadow tool. This is a genius invention that allows women to create precise eyeshadows and define their eyelid crease. Girls who love makeup are obsessed with this product.

9. Strapless Backless Bras

Strapless backless bras are perfect for sleeveless or backless dresses. And the best thing about them is that they are just plain comfy and always stay in place. So why not sell them online and give your ladies the confidence needed to wear that backless dress they have always wanted? These unique bras are one of the best trending products to sell nowadays.

child leash wrist dropship10. Child Wrist Leashes

According to experts, child wrist leashes are not the best way to prevent kids, who want to explore the environment, from running off. Despite being controversial, these products are quite popular among parents. Therefore, you should consider selling them on your dropshipping website.

11. Front-Facing Baby Carriers

Parents know that toting their babies around all day is impossible because they do not have arms of steel. That’s why front-facing baby carriers are a top choice for many new parents these days. Plus, these baby carriers are made of soft and breathable high-quality materials and are safe to use.

dropship car phone holder12. Car Phone Holders

Car phone holders are super-trendy right now because people are simply addicted to their smartphones. But the good news is that they offer the perfect combination of safety, stability, and convenience for using a smartphone on the road. It is a good idea to add these products to your dropshipping website to grow your revenue.

13. Home Security IP Cameras

Home security IP cameras are in high demand nowadays. And for good reason – they enable people to monitor and keep an eye on what is going on in their homes when they are not there. These products are a great business product idea to get the ball rolling if you are interested in the technology industry.

wifi repeaterdropship


14. Wi-Fi Repeaters

Having a good internet connection has never been more important. Want to help your customers get a solid, reliable Wi-Fi signal in every single part of their homes? Then start selling Wi-Fi repeaters! A Wi-Fi repeater is a top trending product to sell online.

15. Laptop Accessories

The electronics market has expanded its geographical reach over the past few decades. Expectedly, the demand for laptop accessories has been on the rise in recent years. Whether people use a laptop for play or work, they need some accessories to protect it or enhance its performance. For this reason, we recommend adding a wide range of laptop accessories to your online store.

16. Posture Correctors

With more and more people sitting all day long, there has been a surge in demand for posture correctors. As the name suggests, posture correctors can do wonders for body posture. They help provide alignment while lying down, sitting, or standing. In short, they can help your customers regain proper posture, thus preventing the onset of the shoulder, back, and neck pain.

17. Seat Cushions

With many people staying home or working from home, the demand for seat cushions has also increased. Of course, seat cushions can also be used for office chairs that do not offer supportive, comfortable padding. Like posture correctors, some seat cushions may also allow for better posture when sitting down for long periods of time.

18. Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

Planning to open a dropshipping store for furniture and home décor? Then, do your best to make it a one-stop destination for everything your customers need to create their personal kitchen and dining room paradise. You can make a fortune selling kitchen and dining room furniture!

19. Bohemian Earrings

Bohemian jewelry reflects individualism, a relaxed attitude, and nature love. Perhaps this is the main reason why new age, free-spirited girls like to wear nature-themed Bohemian earrings. These earrings are usually made by hand. Start selling them through your e-commerce store and let your girls adorn themselves with unique earthly treasures.

flexible garden hose20. Flexible Garden Hoses

Garden hoses are typically used for watering a garden or lawn, washing a vehicle, etc. However, not all garden hoses are created equal. So, as a new dropshipping store owner, you should opt for those that are very flexible and expand both in diameter and length when pressurized with water.

21. Manicure Milling Drill Bits

Regardless of whether they are trying to save money or going to the salon is not an option, many women do their own manicures at home. And they know that prepping is crucial to a perfect manicure. Before applying the nail polish, they use a set of manicure milling drill bits to cleanse the nail plate and ensure a long-lasting, gorgeous manicure. You can sell these products online to make the entire manicure process easier for these women and earn money, of course.

22. One-Piece Swimsuits

Want to get started in the fashion industry? Then consider adding one-piece swimsuits to your dropshipping website. Just do not forget to offer your customers a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. And they will feel good about themselves while showing off their curves at the pool or the beach.

23. Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

Designed to allow for maximum ventilation, these shoes are perfect for running, walking, or traveling. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors for men, women, and children. A pair of these shoes can lead to better athletic performance and make your customer’s running or walking experience more enjoyable.

24. Waterproof Eyebrow Liners

It is no secret that women give extra love to their eyebrows. In the past, they used to have thin eyebrows. But today, they love thicker, fuller eyebrows. They also tend to use brow products that last longer. So it is unsurprising that waterproof eyebrow liners are growing in popularity these days. These brow products are used to fill, define, and shape the eyebrows. They also stay on for longer without budging, even when a woman is sweating it out at the gym or it is raining outside.

eyebrow razor dropship


25. Eyebrow Razors

Eyebrow razors are also top-selling brow products. If you want to get into the beauty industry, do not forget to add these products to your online store. First, invest in marketing and promotion to drive traffic to your store. Then, take care of your customers and the sales will follow.

26. Cat Massage Combs

Oftentimes, cats rub against different objects, including walls and furniture. While doing this, cats can shed a ton of hair everywhere. This can be a problem for many cat owners. However, cat massage combs may be a solution to this problem. If you are planning to open a pet dropshipping business, you can sell these combs that collect the fur before it falls out and make both the cat owners and their feline friends happy.

27. Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

Non-contact infrared thermometers have become some of the top-selling products during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are used to measure temperature quickly and non-invasively within seconds. What’s more, they are easier to use and cause less distress to kids compared to conventional medical thermometers. As a result, many online shoppers are eager to purchase these products.

28. Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrushes

Apart from making the hair smooth and tangle-free, these hairbrushes also help increase blood flow and circulation and relax the scalp. They have successfully upgraded the combing experience to a whole new level. Consequently, they can be a lucrative product for your e-commerce store.

29. Minimalist Wallets

Things like expired credit cards and old receipts are often found in large, traditional wallets. Some people want to minimize the unnecessary clutter in their wallets and look for minimalist wallets. These wallets are stylish, yet roomy enough to store some cash and a few cards. If you want to sell such products online, make sure you offer something for every style and budget.

board games resell


30. Board Games

Like many other types of games, board games have become some of the best-selling products over the internet lately. The more people stay at home, the more likely they are to look for ways to have fun with their loved ones. From well-known classics like Monopoly and Chess to new favorites like Cards Against Humanity and Speak Out, offer the product variety needed to drive more sales.

31. Cable Chompers

Aside from being colorful and eye-catching, cable chompers can also protect the most sensitive part of a charging cable. These cute cable protectors are currently the newest and hottest smartphone accessories on the market. They are inexpensive and teenagers really like them.

32. Portable Car Vacuums

Portable car vacuums are often used to clean and preserve the interior of a car. Compared to regular household vacuums, these vacuums are more compact and maneuverable. By selling these car vacuums, you can help your customers keep their cars neat and tidy.

baby swing dropship33. Baby Swings

It is normal for babies to cry. But many usually calm down when they are snuggled up into a baby swing. Baby swings are highly sought-after products these days, and both parents and babies love them. With these baby swings, your online buyers can finally rest their arms and have a moment to themselves.

matcha tea sell


34. Matcha Tea

This type of tea has skyrocketed in popularity recently. The tea is incredibly photogenic and has surely popped up in your Instagram feed. In addition to being increasingly popular, Matcha tea is also abundant in antioxidants and nutrients. This makes the tea an excellent product to sell online.

35. Phone Tripods

Some smartphones smooth out unwanted camera shake because they come with optical image stabilization. However, sometimes, more stable support is required for taking the perfect shot. And it is no wonder that phone tripod sales are on the rise nowadays.

36. Portable Solar Panels

The need for solar energy sources has become evident as more and more people are making choices that benefit the earth. Also, portable solar panels are sought-after items since they give people the freedom to travel without having to look for a power source to recharge everything. These products can be highly profitable, so you should consider selling them online.

Top Trending Products To Sell During The Summer Season

Get some inspiration for products you can add to your online store during the warmest season of the year. Here are the most trending products in 2021 to resell online.

beach towels dropship37. Beach Towels

As summer is around the corner, a super-soft, ultra-absorbent beach towel is definitely a must-have. Most people like to use high-quality towels to dry off after swimming laps in a pool or sunbathe on a sandy beach. So as a new online seller, you should sell towels that are both affordable and made of top-notch materials.

38. Baby Water Play Mats

Whether they are in a cool summer pool or a warm winter bath, babies do love water play. They are simply fascinated by water. However, they can enjoy the water in another way thanks to the colorful water play mats for babies and toddlers. If you are about to establish a dropshipping business for baby products, do not forget to add these products to your store!

home ice cream machine39. Home Ice Cream Makers

There is nothing better than eating cold ice cream on a hot summer day, especially if it is homemade. Ice cream seems to be the ultimate comfort food during the summer. Some people even tend to enjoy it during the winter season. If you want to help your customers make delicious ice cream at home, then start selling home ice cream makers on your dropshipping website.

Most Popular Products To Sell During The Winter Season

If you want to prepare for winter 2021 trending products, we’ve done all the research for you. Here are a few best-selling products to sell online in winter.

40. Pocket Scarves

Girls like to carry everything in a purse or a handbag. But, sometimes, it is impossible to do that. So they opt for scarves with zipped pockets to keep certain items close to them, especially during the winter season. These pocket scarves are also brilliant travel accessories every woman should have.

41. Winter Coats

If you are thinking about starting an online clothing store, winter coats should be an indispensable addition to your online product catalog. Add a wide range of winter coats to your dropshipping store to help more women stay cozy and stylish in the cold.

shoe dryer dropship42. Shoe Dryers

Though shoe dryers may seem frivolous accessories to many, they are crucial to people that spend time outdoors in cold, wet climates. With shoe dryers, these people can finally enjoy snowy winter hikes, puddle jumping, and rainy day walks to the fullest.

43. Touchscreen Gloves

Gloves are an essential part of any winter dressing get-up. But taking them off to reply to a message or answer a phone call on a snowy day can be a real problem. By selling touchscreen gloves, you can help your customers keep their hands warm and type nearly as well as they would with bare fingers.

waterproof pants product resell44. Waterproof Pants

Everyone needs a trusty pair of waterproof pants for all the weather’s twists and turns, including a sudden blizzard or heavy rain. So it is advisable to make these products accessible to online buyers. With them, you can let your customers reach their final destination comfortably.

Best Selling Products To Sell During The Spring Season

Seasonal products, as you can see, are an intelligent way of maintaining sales. You can balance between best-selling products overall, and include seasonal products in your online store. With the vibrant spring season comes a new wave of spring products to sell online, which is a great way to increase your monthly profits.

bear claws meat shredder45. Bear Claws (Meat Shredders)

While they are not typical spring products, bear claws are ideal for barbecue parties during the spring season. They are the answer to perfectly shredded meat without the mess and headache of forks and knives. Plus, they are cost-effective, lightweight, and, of course, easy to use.

46. Hiking Backpacks

Whether one is planning a one-day jaunt or an epic thru-hike, a hiking backpack is undoubtedly a must-have. But as a new dropshipper, you need to offer quality hiking backpacks with waterproof construction, durable zippers, hip-belt pockets, and body-hugging straps to win more customers.

Profitable Trending Products To Sell During The Fall Season

Need any ideas on trending products to sell in the fall season? Feel free to use any of these suggestions and increase sales during the pre-winter season.

Waterproof Shoe Covers47. Waterproof Shoe Covers

One of the most popular trending products to sell during rainy seasons. Waterproof shoe covers are some of the best-selling products online in the fall. This can be a great idea for a new product for your dropshipping business. And what better way to help your customers keep the rain out of their shoes than with a pair of waterproof shoe covers?

48. Hooded Raincoats

Those who have been caught in an unexpected rainstorm know that having an umbrella is just not enough. They do not waste money on cheap umbrellas that do not last long. Instead, they choose to invest in hooded raincoats to stay dry when it is wet out. If you are interested in selling hooded raincoats, inform more people of what you are offering. And you will make your first online sale in no time. Many dropshippers claim raincoats are some of the trending products to sell, all year long.

49. Plush Blankets

The body really needs extra warmth during the cooler months. So snuggling under a plush blanket during fall is a lovely experience for many. These blankets are so soft that it is impossible not to love them. Selling these super-soft blankets on your dropshipping website is a good way to make money online.

gilet jackets dropship50. Gilet Jackets

Because of their compact, lightweight design, gilet jackets are a great way to keep warm in fall. They are sleeveless jackets that literally go with everything. With them, your customers can take in the beautiful golden landscape the fall season has to offer without shivering.

Which trending products to sell?

Firstly, we hope you like the trending products to sell recommended in this article! Now, how do you decide which trending products to sell? It’s really simple. Just choose the best ones for your dropshipping business, and remember – never allow anything or anyone to distract you from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Related posts: If you need dropshipping suppliers to help resell the top trending products, we’ve put up another list of 30 best dropshipping suppliers by category. Also, if you’re looking for some low competition dropshipping niches, there are tons to choose from, for maximum profits.

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