Dropshipping With BigCommerce – Complete Guide

This is the perfect guide to learn dropshipping with BigCommerce. If you already started with your dropshipping business, then you’ve probably heard all about it. BigCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce platforms out there, counting over 100,000 online stores in more than 67 countries worldwide. BigCommerce’s user-friendly features help many online merchants to reach their goals. You can custom-design your store to grow the conversion rate. If you are an entrepreneur, and you are thinking about dropshipping with BigCommerce, just go for it.

Definition: What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce was founded in 2009. It’s a company that offers to build a store on their eCommerce platform. It is popular among start-ups because of the features and functionalities it offers. It’s really user-friendly and you can build your store within minutes. So, everyone who is out there looking for a solution to their idea of creating a perfect eCommerce store that has everything, well BigCommerce is your solution. There is actually a 15-day trial period to try it yourself, in case you are not sure where your mind lays.

Initially, after the 15-day trial period comes the first subscription you need to pay – and you can start as cheap as $29 per month.

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, BigCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce platforms actually, supporting thousands of online store. And the most interesting fact about it is its range of clients. You can find tons of start-ups using BigCommerce, and next to them are some big companies like Toyota and Pandora.

How does dropshipping on BigCommerce happen?

BigCommerce might be the time-saver you needed. It’s pretty simple, as you can imagine. Maybe the biggest benefit of using BigCommerce as your platform for dropshipping is the customer’s data handled by the software. They take care of a huge amount of data, one of those is the product information, customer name, and shipping address.

When it comes to payment, your customers can choose between 38 gateways that you can integrate with this platform. Yes, you have read it right. 

Benefits of dropshipping with BigCommerce

  • Users that buy your product can upload a file through the process.
  • There is no transaction fee whatsoever – and you can choose between 38 payment methods, as we said above.
  • We will single out iContact, and Constant Contact as the two of the many Email marketing services which can help the customer.

Strategic planning is the key to success before you start building your BigCommerce dropshipping store

This is absolutely right because in 2020 you can find many competitors with almost every product or niche. So, set up a strategy with some basic tips, and then expand it during the process. We have some tips for you, which can help you if you start your dropshipping career with BigCommerce.

Research your niche, and be confident about it

The first step to starting your eCommerce business is choosing your niche of products. Do your research. If you know more about your niche of products, you will find easier ways to sell it.

  • Don’t hop on the trendy niche, it may be non-profitable and overhyped – check the data.
  • If you find your niche, please check if there are enough products available before you start selling.
  • Think about marketing. How will you promote it, how much will the promotion cost?

The Domain Name

Always go after the top domains available. Preferably it should be .com domain – think about your SEO later. You’ll make your business look preferable because customers think that .com is more reliable, so they trust you. 

In case you didn’t know, almost every big company uses .com – but it’s your choice. If you don’t choose to go with the .com domain, which can be more expensive, you can use other reputable domains such as:

.co – this is a good alternative, and it’s most likely cheaper

You do want to avoid domains such as .org because when users see them they associate with organizations involved with something, for example, charities or non-government organizations.

Really if you don’t use .com or .co you’ll look worse than your competitors. And forgot about .edu extension, because it’s associated with IT schools, formal education, and that kind of stuff. 

There are rather cheap domains, for like 0.01$ that include extensions like .xyz, .club – do not use them because no one will buy a product when they see that kind of extension. It can make you look fake and you will lose the customer’s trust. 

Along with the host, you should buy an SSL Certificate, although some companies include it automatically. If you don’t have the SSL Certificate, your users might get the red screen that says “this website isn’t safe”, and get redirected.


Boost your sales through the integration apps you can add to BigCommerce. You can automate your most important tasks. That includes:

  • Email marketing, for example – Thank You Email.
  • Social Media activities, for example – posting, scheduling.
  • Management activities, for example – stock management, which will help you with the whole dropshipping process.

Boost overseas

This is complicated, and it takes a lot of time and nerves. So, because many of the customers are time-sensitive, Epacket will help you with the speed of your delivery. Get started with Epacker, and your customers could get their products within days, not months.

Landing page optimization

If you don’t have a clear Call to Action button, your landing page needs an update. You should see this through a customer’s perspective, and a business perspective. Make the process as clear as you can for your customer.

Best practices to use when dropshipping with BigCommerce 

A catchy headline – don’t use clickbait, and don’t be too boring. Use most of the characters in your headline. Mix some words, and be interesting.

Highlight your product with the headline, put some relevant information. Customers are searching for relevant specifications they need – so give importance to your product with the headline.

Is there any script that can help me with composing a headline? Not really, but you can pay attention to the next three things:

  • Is there enough information?
  • Why should they choose me?
  • Is this relevant to the content?

Also, pick an image that is relevant to your headline and content.

Multiple CTA buttons

Chances of conversion are higher if you have more than one CTA button. Make sure that they are visible – so highlight them from the rest of the content on the site.

The CTA button should represent your brand colors, even though some studies show that green and red CTA buttons bring more conversions. So, if your brand color is green or red, you are lucky.


Single page, no redirection. The more your store is user friendly, the more sales you are going to get. Even if you have a multiple page store, add your main products on the home screen – so when the customers come to your store via direct traffic, they can see some products right away.

Your goal should be hassle-free navigation, because the easier the customer access your products, the more sales you are going to get.

Choose the right content

Do not be overwhelming. Simplicity rules, and sells. Social proof content like sharing reviews or testimonials could be beneficial to your sales. People love to see that someone is pleased with your products. They like to see more details, and how someone else experienced your product. So to do this type of content, you must keep the quality at high levels. If someone leaves a bad review, contact him and see what is the problem, and find a solution if you can.

Google Analytics

Track your data. Maybe the biggest advantage of digital marketing is the access to the data you have. Everything is measurable, so just analyze the customer behavior, see what your customers are doing on your store. Where did you lose them – what is their exit page? See if you can improve the customer experience on your website, and grow your sales. Always act according to data, not feelings.

BigCommerce offers you a chance to start a great dropshipping business. We have guided you through the most important steps, so if you listen to our advice – you will get your bag. Don’t forget to use the most of BigCommerce and their integrations. Automate what you can, it will be less work and less chance of any human error.

Don’t forget to build a trust-based relationship with your customers. You can set up some add-on with social media buttons that will help you gain more sales further in the process.


This about sums up about guide to dropshipping with BigCommerce. If you’re willing to switch to the other e-commerce platforms, you can read our posts about dropshipping with Shopify or read our guide to WooCommerce. If you still need more intel and descriptions, we created a great blog post about the best e-commerce platforms and compared each one, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

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