How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In The Philippines

dropshipping suppliers philippines

Let’s get straight to the point – if you’re looking to find some reliable dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines, we did some research and found just enough to get you started.

The country is one of the emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Even though traditional shopping is still present in the Philippine market, the importance of e-commerce is increasingly being recognized in the country. Dropshipping has become a popular business model there, as well.

Now, let’s see how well this nation implements and responds to modern information and communication technology. And let’s see if the adoption of technology makes the economy a better and more developed one. Specifically, out of the total population of around 110 million, about 74 million people were active internet users in 2020. This means that most consumers in the Philippines are internet-savvy.

Furthermore, the number of Filipinos visiting an online retail store on the internet significantly increased in the third quarter of 2019. During that period, approximately 91% of people living in the Philippines searched online for a product to purchase.

Market size in the Philippines

With so many people flocking to the internet to make purchases, online shopping has become very popular in the country. To be more specific, in 2019, retail e-commerce sales in the country amounted to US$3 billion. Believe it or not, these sales are expected to reach US$12 billion by 2025.

These numbers illustrate the fact that the country is moving forward and is making remarkable progress in terms of e-commerce. If you are planning to start a dropshipping business in the Philippines, you should know these facts. This can help you take advantage of e-commerce in the local market. More importantly, you also need to find and work with a reputable dropshipping supplier in the country. This, in turn, can help you become a successful e-commerce merchant. Below, you have the chance of finding the best dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines.

Top 8 Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines 


  1. Bags on Demand
    dropshipping suppliers in philippines

This is a local manufacturer and dropshipping supplier of bags and wallets, located in Laguna, the Philippines. What’s so special about this company? It offers quality products and worldwide shipping. At Bags on Demand, you can choose from a variety of bags and wallets for every occasion as well as other goods like clothing and beauty products.

Selling with Bags on Demand is super-easy. To start dropshipping with this supplier, you need to sign up for a membership account. But, no worries – you can do that free of charge. Also, you can enjoy factory prices and no minimum order requirements.

No outfit is complete without a gorgeous bag. So, if you want to break into the bag industry, this supplier may help you make your dropshipping business a success.

    dropship suppliers in philippines

This is another domestic dropshipping supplier with headquarters in the Philippines. offers trendy and fashionable clothing, apparel, and accessories for both men and women at competitive prices.

At, all fashion products are trendy and stylish. And the best thing about them is that they are sold at prices everyone can afford. Nobody likes to burn through a ton of money to score a beautiful outfit. That’s why these inexpensive pieces will surely become your customers’ wardrobe staples.

This supplier may be your best bet if you want to impress Filipino women that are looking for clothing and accessories inspired by the latest Asian and global trends. To work with and start selling online, you need to sign up for an account.  Then, take your time to select the items you want to add to your dropshipping store.

    finding dropshipping distributors in philippines

Parents tend to prepare for the arrival of a new baby by buying baby essentials and must-haves. They also buy lots of clothes for their children because their children grow from one size to the next in a flash.

If you are looking to start a dropshipping business that caters to parent consumers in the Philippines, then may be the right option for you. This is a domestic dropshipping supplier, specializing in clothing, toys, accessories, and essentials for newborns, infants, toddlers, and young children.

Founded in 2016, the supplier offers quality products that can provide a healthy, enriching environment for the little ones. Start working with this supplier and build a product selection your customers cannot resist.

  1. Lazada
    how to find dropshipping suppliers in philippines

Established in 2012 and owned by the Alibaba Group, Lazada is a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. Unlike the usual dropshipping suppliers, this is an e-commerce platform packed with products from a large number of suppliers. Additionally, it offers a fast, secure, and seamless online shopping experience and a wide selection of products across 13 categories. Here, you can find everything from electronic devices and home appliances to fashion accessories and health & beauty products.

Moreover, through partnerships with various suppliers and brands, most items sold on the platform are cheaper than products sold in brick-and-mortar stores. With its presence in several countries, including the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and more, Lazada connects this region through its logistics, technology, and payments capabilities. In case you are an ambitious online vendor who is interested in dropshipping in the Philippines, do not overlook Lazada.

  1. AliExpress
    list of dropshipping suppliers in the philippines

Yet another Alibaba-owned company on the list, AliExpress is a well-known e-commerce platform with millions of products across multiple categories. Based in China and serving buyers from all over the world, including the Philippines, this online marketplace is one of the oldest and largest marketplaces for dropshipping.

On the platform, you can find various dropshipping suppliers, both resellers and manufacturers, for just about any type of product you are looking to sell online. Here, you can find trending products, ranging from electronics to jewelry, at a very low price.

On top of that, dropshipping with AliExpress is simple and easy. Also, you do not have to pay anything to start dropshipping with AliExpress. But remember that many suppliers here have existing product images and descriptions that you are allowed to use.

To differentiate your online store from competitors, it is advisable to invest in better product images and unique product descriptions. Do not forget to combine that with a good e-commerce marketing strategy, and your success is guaranteed.


6. DHgate

dropshipping in the philippines

Based in China, DHgate is one of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms for products made in China. The platform facilitates trade between Chinese suppliers and international wholesalers, retailers, and online vendors.

And its ultimate goal is to become the leading trading marketplace globally and allow anyone to purchase an item from anywhere anytime.

But how can you make profits with DHgate as a dropshipping store owner? At DHgate, you can choose from millions of products in multiple categories, including Cell Phones & Accessories, Electronics & Cameras, Sports & Outdoors, Home & Garden, Toys & Gifts, etc, and enjoy low prices.

This is a very promising site to find reputable dropshipping suppliers, sell quality products online in the Philippines, and make good profit margins.

  1. FashionTIY
    how to dropship in the phillipines

Why is FashionTIY on this list? FashionTIY is a wholesale market platform, which serves wholesalers, retailers, and dropshippers worldwide.

You can find a wide range of clothing and fashion products from 1,000+ trustworthy suppliers on the site. Each supplier at FashionTIY is reliable. Therefore, you do not have to spend time and energy to find and distinguish between suppliers on the platform.

FashionTIY also offers private custom services to better serve your dropshipping business and requires no minimum order quantity. By using its private custom services, you can provide your customers with unique products customized to their specific needs and preferences.

In addition, the platform also supports both standard and priority shipping services in many countries and regions. But when it comes to shipping to the Philippines, FashionTIY only offers priority shipping. This could be great if you are planning to offer faster and more efficient shipping to your customers.

  1. Chinabrands
    dropshipping suppliers in the philippines

As its name suggests, Chinabrands is a Chinese dropshipping platform with modern dropshipping features. These modern dropshipping features can help you automate your dropshipping business.

Chinabrands boasts a massive product selection across many different categories. If you decide to dropship with Chinabrands, you can upload its professional product images and descriptions to your store.

Thanks to its global logistics and distribution network, the company ships to over 250 countries across the globe and provides fast delivery. It also ships to the Philippines, making it a good partner for your dropshipping business.

Working with a supplier that has fast delivery times is an excellent way to increase your sales and meet (or even exceed) customer expectations.

The verdict: Finding the right dropshipping supplier in the Philippines

To sum up, the Philippines is becoming a technology-oriented country and a fast-growing e-commerce market in Southeast Asia.

With its vibrant economy and the large number of people being proficient in digital technologies, the country is a thriving market for investors, including dropshippers.

As this market has strong growth potential, you may want to start selling online in the Philippines. But without a good supplier, your dropshipping business can’t sustain itself – there will be no one to deliver the goods to your customers. That’s to say, you can’t run and manage a dropshipping business if the products you want to sell do not make it to your customers.

On top of that, not all dropshipping suppliers are good at what they do. The reliability of a dropshipping supplier is of utmost importance to a dropshipper. Therefore, as a new dropshipper, choosing a reliable dropshipping supplier for your online business is very important. We hope this list of the best dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines will help you reach the end goal, which is basically – financial freedom.

In case you’re looking to browse between hundreds of other companies worldwide, make sure to visit our large list of dropshipping suppliers next.

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