List Of The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In Italy

Want to spread the range of selling products online? In this article, we are going to talk about choosing the best dropshipping suppliers in Italy. More importantly, let’s talk about Italy’s e-commerce industry. The whole dropshipping business seems to be growing recently since most shoppers do their business online. If this trend continues, you’ll soon find out why Italy is perfect for dropshipping products.

We made a guide that can help you throughout the process. You can also find some of Italy’s most popular dropshipping suppliers, of which you’ll be the judge.

What products should I dropship in Italy?

Focus on one niche. If you sell various kinds of items, you won’t reach your target group – or you will, but for a brief period of time, or not enough. The right thing to do is to concentrate on one niche and design the process to perfection. From finding the best Italian supplier to the best customer experience. Do market research, check out the trends in Italy, and act accordingly.

How to find the right dropshipping suppliers in Italy?

There are so many things to be careful about when you are searching for a supplier. For example, the prices. Many suppliers from China offer cheap services, but low-quality items. There are also manufacturers from Europe, they offer quality products and good service. If you decide to work with a domestic supplier, then you should be ready to pay more. My recommendation is to find a mix of value and quality.

dropshipping suppliers in italy

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Choose the right platform to open a dropshipping store in Italy

If you want to start a dropshipping business in Italy, you should choose the right platform to do it. You can use Shopify or WooCommerce. We singled out them because they are the best platforms available to work with when starting an eCommerce business. They both have easy setup processes – you don’t need to be a developer to build your store. 

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial period. You can start selling in a matter of hours. You just need to select the right plan. Of course, you can always start with the cheapest one available, which costs only $29/month. It’s worth mentioning that Shopify is an official partner with multiple international payment providers. There is more than one way to accept payments in Italy – check the list here.

WooCommerce is free, but it works only as a plugin to WordPress sites. You will need to buy a domain and host. You could get them as free as $5 per month.

Platforms to use to promote your dropshipping store in Italy

Today, you can find many ways to promote your business online. Starting with social media. You can start a paid campaign on Ads Manager on Facebook, and reach your target group easily. You can even do an organic marketing campaign, starting a business page, etc. If you do not like social media, or you can’t target your group there – try Google. Optimize your site to rank higher, maybe the front page. Use SEO to allow search engines to make your dropshipping store appear higher in the searches. Alternatively, if you have a big budget, advertise with Google. There are a lot of SEO/SEM experts that can help you out with this.

These are just a couple of the things you can do to market your product better. Overall, you need to make a plan with specific KPIs and maintain them throughout the process.

Can I start dropshipping in Italy even if I don’t live there?

Yes, you can. Amazon Italia is one of the companies that makes that option available. It works in a lot of countries, and you can easily become a merchant in Italy. You need to have the pro seller plan if you want to start dropshipping in Italy.

italy dropshipping suppliers

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Finding the best dropshipping suppliers in Italy

You now know all about dropshipping in Italy and its benefits. Now is the right time to continue with your store. We have gathered the best businesses that could help you with achieving your goals. They also might be your competition, but it is a good idea to know your competition and keep them close to you. Read more about them below.

bazarissimo dropshipping italy


One of the most popular dropshipping suppliers in Italy is Bazarissimo. You can find tons of products here, for small-to-medium profits. If your store offers any of the following – clothing, gadgets, wellness, or home and office product categories, you’ve come to the right place. There are two monthly plans used as subscription fees. The first one, the ‘lite plan’, costs €10.99 per month, and the ‘pro plan’ is more expensive, costing you €49.99 per month.

Most of the shipping in Europe is done within 3-5 working days. However, they claim if you use their ‘pro plan’, orders from Europe will arrive within 48 hours, or two business days. For all those excellent resellers, Bazarissimo will offer additional discounts for bigger earnings.

italy dropshipping suppliers

Italjapan S.R.L.

With a headquarters in Milano, Italy, this dropshipping supplier is over 30 years old and counting. Selling mechanical and automatic watches, as well as digital watches and chronometers, you can find many brands on their site, including Casio, Calvin Klein, Nautica, Citizen, Seiko, and others.

Minimum order requirements need to reach at least $650 per order, for free shipping. If your customers pay less than this sum, fixed shipping fees are calculated, $32 per order. Italjapan accepts payments via credit cards, PayPal, and WireTransfer. Dropshipping brands for men and women is currently one of the ten most popular categories for resellers right now.

dropshipping suppliers italy

Mediatoys SRL

If you want to sell toys from famous brands, then this is the supplier you have been looking for. They offer large quantities of kids’ toys – for a bargain price. Their business process and the way they are doing things is going to make you their long-term customer. These kinds of suppliers are rare in the dropshipping industry, especially in Italy. They are super friendly, and their administration is quick.

dropshipping suppliers in italy

B2B Griffati

Talk about designer fashion dropshipping suppliers based in Italy. Founded in 2013, B2B Griffati is both a supplier and distributor, offering over 20,000 designer clothing pieces for both men and women. There are thousands of dollars to be earned each month by reselling authentic Italian fashion clothing items at drop-down prices.

They mostly focus on their customers and offer wholesale, various dropshipping models, and delivery/distribution services. Overall, this professional Italian dropshipping supplier is a very lucrative opportunity for all resellers. As for product categories, you’ll surely find everything from famous brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gant, Lagerfeld, Armani, Versace, Jack & Jones, and thousands of other mid-to-high brand names.


This business is not domestic. They originate in China, but they offer all kinds of dropshipping services to almost 200 countries. Their platform is user-friendly, and you can access all kinds of data that you need for your market research. Find your most profitable products, the latest trends, etc. They seem to be risk-free. Their products are cheaper, so there is a chance that you can make more profits with cheaper items. This, in case you sell a larger quantity of items in a month. Also, pay attention to the quality of the products. Sometimes cheap products lead to a bad customer experience and unsatisfied customers.


Should we even talk about Oberlo? If you want to find the right supplier, someone who can be trusted, someone who will be right on time – then use Oberlo. You have a free plan to start with. In other words, they welcome beginner dropshippers at all times.

Oberlo also offers free tools and resources that can help you throughout the process. There is a course that you can watch – it helps you set up your first eCommerce store. It’s a good guide for anyone who has the budget and wants to learn more.

madeinfirenze italy dropshipping


They are a domestic brand that offers you pretty much every category of products that you can think of. They have quality items but are more expensive than suppliers from China. If you think about starting a dropshipping business in Italy, don’t avoid Madeinfirenze. It may be more expensive, but they guarantee you quality products and an incredible customer experience. Their products are high-quality handcrafted items, created by first-class Italian companies. Some of them are based in Florence and its neighboring cities.


Again, this is also not a domestic supplier. Esources is a directory-based in the U.K. and has some of the best dropshipping suppliers available in Europe. As they claim, they are the UK’s largest wholesale directory. You can find products from literally every category on their site. The process of working with them starts by requesting a free listing on eSources. There are many benefits that you get while working with them. We single out the tracking performance, it allows you to make great reports and improve your business throughout the entire dropshipping process.

best dropshipping suppliers italy


For around $115-120 (€99+VAT) per month, BrandsDistribution allows dropshippers to resell branded products from the world’s most luxurious brands. With no MOQ and free Shopify integration, dropshippers can use product descriptions in 15 languages, based for different markets.

Moreover, the company provides HQ product images to all resellers, as well as offering various tutorials and editorial images for marketing campaigns. On the downside, users complain about the customer service and products keep changing on a daily basis. We recommend their service only to seasoned dropshippers, in case they need to act quickly in dire situations.


Overall, Italy is a great country for dropshipping products. With a revenue of over $21 billion last year, it is considered the 15th largest e-commerce market in the world. Everyone keeps assuming this trend to continue. In fact, everyone sees how easy it is to buy the products they urgently need online, hassle-free.

However, if you want to make profits and approach dropshipping in the right way – make a plan. Plan everything from the beginning. Use our tips and tricks about finding dropshipping suppliers in Italy, to help you out if you want to start right. Also, don’t hesitate to do some additional market research. The information you need is spread all over the Internet, with the right sources.

Maybe if you do it right, you can set the next trend in Italy. What do Italians need the most? Is it high-ticket products, fashion clothing, car parts, or something else? We hope this article helped you decide whether Italy is the right market for dropshipping. It turns out there are great dropshipping opportunities for everyone. We’ll let you decide which are the best dropshipping suppliers in Italy.

If you want to explore your options and search for other companies, we have created the largest free dropshipping suppliers list available at Dropship5.

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