List Of The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In South Africa

What’s so good about finding dropshipping suppliers in South Africa? First and foremost, as a country, South Africa seems much more cost-efficient than most neighboring countries.

Moreover, in South Africa, you don’t have to put the accent on the risks and the startup capital. Therefore, you don’t have to bulk up on items from the source that supplies you with them. You can’t come to this part unless a buyer has purchased an item from you.

South Africa is considered one of the 50 biggest e-commerce markets, having a yearly revenue that exceeds $4.2 billion in total. More importantly, South Africa contributed to the global increase in online sales, thanks to the increase in popularity by the local online stores. Last year, South Africa’s e-commerce size grew by 66%, which means the profits are up for grabs both by local and international dropshippers.

Having these facts in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best dropshipping suppliers in South Africa.

Marijuana SA

In South Africa, the industry that has been taking care of cannabis seeds, lights that help them grow, and other equipment, has been Marijuana SA.

This dropshipping supplier has been in this industry for an extended period. Moreover, they have a SAHPRA certificate, which makes them completely legal.

Another thing that is important to add here,  is the fact that they do deliveries in record time. Specifically, the time border varies from one to three days, which is rare. As an addition, they are much easier to dropship, as they place their list of products completely on Dropstore.

wheel a trend logo south africa dropshipping

Wheel A Trend

As South African Print, Wheel A Trend, have discovered their suitable place in online trading, by putting their accent on printed goods.

They allow drop shipping of the items they have, simply over the page they own. After that, you accompany as a marketer. Then you pick the offered option for a once-off fee (or R95), with which you will be able to purchase products for a bulk price (which is usually lower than the small quantity purchase price).

As well as the previous supplier, Wheelatrend is also available on Dropstore. This helps you a lot. Simply by adding their items to your e-store, you have activated frequent inventory updates, orders fulfillment, and a pricing list.

The Scents

Wouldn’t you, if you had the opportunity, choose to have allowed entry and access to all sale items? What if we tell you that with The Scents, you have it? Yes, you read that right. We are speaking of the complete collections of makeup, skincare goods, perfumes and so.

They give you access to the whole spectrum of possibilities.

You need to separate some charges for shipping, which begins with R50, and more as you add more items. Speaking of, it will add an increased amount of charges (R20), as your basket of items fills. 

When you are finished with your order, The Scents Bay will assign you with a number that tracks your order. This is done once your order has been shipped, which you will receive an email for, too.

The shipping time is in the range of 24 and 48 working hours, starting from the time you have finished your order.

And if you were concerned about your financial info, you don’t have to be. They have secured you with their software, which has shown itself as quite a secure server.

Cosmic Pets

As a distribution business corporation based in South Africa, matching their name, they supply shops for pets, veterinary clinics, and professionals that take good care of the pets.

Cosmic Pets have fast delivery too, which counts about five days since you ordered the wholesale item.

dropstore logo south africa dropshipping


Speaking of range, Dropstore takes the first place, no doubt. If you are looking to the best one so far, you have come to the right few rows. 

Speaking of the best drop shipper, we must say why and what made them take the place on the top shelf. The largest list and catalog you can find in South Africa belongs to them. Also, they possess an online marketing plugin technology, which, with no problems in between, delivers the items to your store and after that to your purchaser. 

They have also partnered with eCommerce store platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce. Thanks to this your product will be kept up with pricing changes and other things like so.

They also track the product your buyer has purchased and informed him or her about their current location. This makes your job easier, as you have more time to dedicate to the tasks that you haven’t had time for before.

Since, you may already know, finding the right wholesaler can be slightly difficult. On Dropstore, you have the choice of 200 suppliers who have been verified. Moreover, these wholesalers keep expanding daily and give you quality support.

Also, you have access to the whole of South Africa’s e-commerce market, as Dropstore has already connected the suppliers and basically, has done the work for you.


If you know Shopify, then you are kind of introduced to Shopstar, as they are quite similar.

The place that suits them the most, and the type of work that suits them the most, they have found in printed goods. 

Again, they made it possible for dropshipping to be done directly through their page. You can purchase products at a low price, wholesale price too. 


With over one thousand products you can supply yourself with, it makes it one of the top options for drop shippers. Without them, dropshipping in South Africa would be impossible to imagine.

The huge spectrum of products you can dropship makes it excellent. From kitchen and tools from the one side to gardening and school items, etc. On the other side, you have so many options. They are quite creative and new, which makes them interesting to explore.

Best benefiting dropshippers, e-commerce companies, and retail outlets, there are a lot of opportunities within Calasca’s reseller program.

From discounted rates based on monthly spending, pre-sales, and after-sales support, dropshippers will also benefit from the various delivery fees.

According to the company, all orders below R3000 will be charged at R99.00 inc vat, all orders between R3000-R5000 are charged at R69.00 inc vat, and for orders above R5000, no delivery fees are applicable.

They recommend the products to be sold at retail prices, while RRP (full retail prices) are available as well. The delivery turnaround time is between 48-96 hours, via JHB, DBN, CPT, and PE.


This niche-specific South African dropshipping supplier is located in Capetown. They are mostly focused on electronics-related products.

Dropshippers can find Android mobile phones, phone accessories, smart clocks, and wristwatches. All of these belong to some brands you may be familiar with. Brands the likes of Xiaomi, Cubot, Ulefone, and others.

They also have verification and complete dropshipping orders in less than 4 business days.  You also get notified of your ordered item and its current location.

planet 54 logo south africa dropshipping

Planet 54

With over 100 stores, they already are working with and with 7000 products to chose from, this might be one of your top considerations. 

Your product is only a maximum of five days to deliver, and it allows you to, without a problem, dropship over your own online store. Planet 54 is considered one of the most responsible dropshipping suppliers South Africa currently has, with its developed e-commerce industry.

neat freak south africa dropshipping

Neat Freak

Based in Durban, this site, or supplier helps you drop ship the items, that most customers find helpful in everyday life. 

Because they are not a multimillionaire company that allows the hold onto the big stock, they do not have the items for immediate delivery.

Because dropshipping here can be slightly delicate, and the Neat Freak team understands and works on the problem, you can find their items on Dropstore market, which we have informed you about up above.

men's republic logo south africa dropshippers

Men’s Republic Distribution

If you look for someone who can make your dropshipping experience easier and more enjoyable, these suppliers might be the exact election.

You get to choose from 80 products. It may be not enough, but they have other advantages. Speaking of, they are preparing and organizing your order, so you don’t have to spend time packing it. If you request a certain way for your order to be shipped, they will make your request come true. Meaning, they care about your preferring. When the order is sent – from the exact moment they dispatch it, they start sending you information about its status and location. This lasts till your order has been shipped to your destination.

Third Wave Distribution 

Created in July 2016, the first aim of this platform was to distribute high-class electronics all over South Africa. But their plans seem to have expanded a little bit, haven’t they? From that time till now they have spread wider and now they distribute over 25 brands which create 400 products. 

Dropshipping here is keeping the customers satisfied as their delivery is very fast. You get your order in 2-4 working days, which is incredibly fast. 

An interesting fact is that they have products that didn’t have enough luck to end up in African stores. Some of the chosen items are sent to the town Shenzhen, located in China. Once they have passed quality control here, they are, at the very end, transferred to their storehouse and are ready to be shipped to the buyers.

Some of the clients that shop here have praised themselves, saying that they go exceptional products, good tracking information, and extraordinary fast delivery.

dropshipping suppliers south africa

MAWU Eyewear

There are two ways to resell with South Africa’s MAWU Eyewear. The affiliate program offers up to 20% per sale, while the retail program allows for wholesale pricing to be calculated. Of course, the latter provides larger profits given you’re an experienced dropshipper, with a successful online store.

Why MAWU? Their eyewear is created by high-quality materials with great-looking designs, providing resellers with options when it comes to standard eyewear.

Of course, all their sunglasses are made with CR-39 polarised lenses, with Acetate as the main ingredient. FYI, most prescription lenses are made the same exact way as MAWU’s.

Overall, if you’re looking for some eyewear dropshipping suppliers in South Africa, these guys can surely help you add their products to your store.


The list concludes some of the best dropshipping suppliers South Africa has to offer. If you’re looking to try your dropshipping skills in this African country, these are the most famous companies you’ll probably have a look at. If you’re thinking about checking out companies from other parts of the world, make sure to check out our free directory to find dropshipping suppliers and companies. On top of that, we’ve found that the dropshipping suppliers in France are offering good fees vs. decent profits to all their resellers.

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