Best And Most Profitable Dropshipping Suppliers In Sweden

dropshipping suppliers sweden

In the following decade, the eCommerce market will surely increase in size. There isn’t any shortage of stores in any region worldwide. And we can’t even see the peak of the dropshipping business anytime soon. New markets open, such as dropshipping suppliers in Sweden offering great deals to resellers.

Anyways, if you’ve thought about how dropshipping isn’t worth it anymore – rest assured, you can still build a successful business, although it won’t be as easy as before. On the upside, the costs and time to create one has decreased significantly in the past few years, which makes the whole dropshipping process go much smoother. 

As a matter of fact, the trend of dropshipping products first appeared in Scandinavia. Talking about all those specific regions that dropshipping relies on, most people came to a single conclusion about having a lot of potentials – which is Sweden.

Apparently, in the last period, Sweden has proved to be one of the most attractive countries when it comes to dropshipping. This, compared to the rest of the countries of Scandinavia.

There are people from the whole Scandinavian region that shop online, and they mainly buy from Swedish-based dropshipping businesses. Let’s talk more about the top online stores in this country and what they deal with.

The dropshipping business and the whole eCommerce industry in Sweden are different from the other similar industries in that region. Most people in this country took the eCommerce business to another level. This is one of the reasons why almost everyone living in this European region buys mainly from Swedish eCommerce stores.

Did you know that almost 95% of the people in Sweden use the Internet? That is why big companies such as H&M, Zara, and IKEA find Sweden very attractive for online business.

In this article, you will find everything there is to know about dropshipping in Sweden.

Local entrepreneurs seem to have taken the biggest part of the Swedish online business industry. The latest report shows us that only one eCommerce business from the top five is not from Sweden. That is Zalando. Keep reading below, we will make a list of the 10 biggest eCommerce businesses in Sweden, based on the latest reports.

dropshipping suppliers sweden

Talk about a company that started from the very bottom. It was the largest online bookstore before it was sold. After that – the pharmacy industry took over, and Apotea took care of it. In 2012, Apotea started to expand its features and categories, so let’s say that 2012 was the turning point to becoming the number one online store in Sweden.

sweden dropshipping suppliers

They represent themselves like the Nordic region’s largest marketplace. They have changed their domain since 2018, from to, as their target does not expand much wider than the Scandinavian region. You can find anything you want there. Sports equipment, fashion, media, electronics, food, and much more.

Their range is constantly growing, so while I am writing this text – something else might be added. Cdon is a part of the Nordic eCommerce group Qliro. It is found in 1999. This eCommerce business includes its own Qliro payment method.

dropshipping sweden


It was founded in 2008 and started off by selling footwear. Did you know that until 2010, Zalando was available only in Germany? In that specific year, Zalando offered deliveries to people who live in Austria. It quickly expanded to other countries, such as the U.K., Italy, and Switzerland. In 2011, Zalando came to Sweden.

It is one of the most successful digital platforms in Europe. But they started as quickly as they saw the opportunity, and they did not waste it. They have a program called “Partner Program” which offers other companies to sell on their platform (of course, limited by Zalando).

By following the example of other successful eCommerce businesses from China, they took the dropshipping business in Europe at its best.

In the first quarter of 2019, Zalando expanded its presence in Sweden. Actually, they opened a new warehouse and logistics site in Brunna. They handed their first warehouse in Germany to Fiege Logistics.

Zalando has over 15.000 employees all over the world. Of them, around 6000 are located in Germany’s capital city, Berlin. The company has physical stores also, in the form of outlets across the entire country.

Zalando offers its customers the best shipping and payment methods. They include the “payment after delivery” feature, which helps a lot in order to gain trust among their customers. And that is not all. Zalando offers a 100-day item return if the customers aren’t satisfied. It does not get any better, right? 

adlibris sweden dropshipping


There is a pretty cool story behind Adlibris, which basically explains their expansion. Their saying is “With us, you will find everything for an inspiring everyday life”. Cool, right?

Adlibris is an online eCommerce business that collaborates with thousands of suppliers, publishers, and distributors from the Nordic region, and the rest of the world. 

Their range of books is just impressive. They receive about 75,000 new titles a month which they can offer to customers in Sweden. Their mission is so inspiring. They believe in free speech, and they limit the supply only if they have strong reasons to.

The Adlibris Group is one of the leading eCommerce businesses in the Nordic region. It’s part of the Bonnier AB, which is the leading media company in the Nordic region. The group expanded pretty quickly from their foundation, and now they run a variety of digital businesses, including the Adlibris store.

sverige dropshipping suppliers

Hennes & Mauritz AB

Most of us are more familiar with its short name – H&M. If you didn’t know already, they are a clothing manufacturer and supplier based in Sweden. They started with the traditional, physical stores and outlets. Today, H&M is one of the biggest retail brands in the world. Their online shopping features started back in 2010, and are still strong today. Their offices for eCommerce business are based in Stockholm, and count over 250 people, with diverse backgrounds – which makes H&M a great and friendly brand. The eCommerce stores are available in more than 50 markets, i.e. countries. So, this is an example of keeping up with the time. H&M turned a successful traditional business story into one of the greatest eCommerce businesses in the Nordic region, as well as the rest of the world.

sweden suppliers dropshipping


Webhallen is one of the Swedish leading eCommerce stores for multimedia and hardware. The web hall stands for low prices and fast delivery. Actually, one of the benefits of buying products at Webhallen is their fast delivery – they deliver your products in less than 24 hours. It is found in 1999 – and originally started with traditional physical stores, and quickly grew to one of the largest eCommerce stores in Sweden. Although their online presence is crucial, they have 20 physical stores throughout Sweden. 

They offer a 1-year guarantee period for almost every product they offer. Customer service is available via phone or email. There is no 24/7 chat support – and that is one of the cons of using Webhallen to buy online.

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Although it is an American eCommerce business, you can find Wish as one of the top 10 online businesses in Sweden. A big part of this deal plays the Swedish postal service PostNord. In 2018, Wish signed a deal with them – so the customers could get their orders much faster. They made a deal where the VAT would be handled upon the purchase. Before that, the VAT was handled during product delivery. Now, everything is created according to the customer needs – a lot cheaper, and smoother.

This solution should motivate all the other eCommerce marketplaces and suppliers to do the same when delivering in Sweden. If every other business implemented this, the eCommerce industry would rapidly grow – mainly because of the easier, and cheaper processes.

tradera sweden ecommerce

Locals know it as one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces in Sweden. More than 4 million weekly visits, it surely gained trust amongst Swedish people. It was acquired by eBay at first, and now Tradera is owned by PayPal. Tradera was known as the Swedish eBay. You can find everything you want there, as the service approved private and commercial sellers.

PayPal restricted the international buyers to register only with their account, while the customers from Sweden are able to use the service anyhow. Their primary business model is an auction model – but it is possible to buy items at a fixed price, too.

sweden suppliers blocket


One of the largest marketplaces and dropshipping suppliers in Sweden. It was found in 1996. Now, Blocket has over 5 million weekly unique visitors. According to the latest reports, 7 of 10 people in Sweden already bought something from Blocket. One of the most successful eCommerce stories came from Sweden and started operating in more than 36 countries.

sweden dropshipping bokus


The last one on this list is Bokus. Have you heard of it? It’s one of Sweden’s leading online bookstores. They offer hard copy, e-books, and audiobooks. They are mainly operating in Europe, delivering in over 30 countries. This is a very interesting niche industry, so for all book lovers – it might be a good idea to monetize from what you love the most, which is reading books.

We’ve finally covered some of the most successful dropshipping suppliers in Sweden. If you’re still thinking about dropshipping in Sweden, now you know your competition. In case you feel we’ve missed some companies, let us know in the comments below.

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