How to Find Private Label Manufacturers And Start Selling

How many times have you dreamt of launching your own product line? Or seen something and said, “I could have done it better!”? Creating and selling your own product seems like a pretty big dream, doesn’t it?

Perhaps you want to be in business for yourself and manufacture your own line of products but have little cash to put up as capital. Perhaps you have a solid business idea to start with, but there are millions of obstacles that stop you from actually making your dream a reality. Perhaps you think it is almost impossible to start your own business and build a strong brand identity.

But the good news is that you can develop, design, and sell your product all over the world using just your laptop and a stable internet connection. Don’t be confused – we are talking about private label manufacturers.

Having a private label line is not limited only to those that have a hefty budget. It is possible for small-scale businesses to design their own products without worrying about massive production complexity.

So whether you want to add private label products to your existing dropshipping business or establish a new company that will be built entirely on private labels, learning more about the strategy behind a prosperous private label product business is very important.

Also, in case you’d like to know more about the difference between white label vs. private label, check out our blog post. It explains the pros and cons of both business models in detail and can help you better decide between the two.

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What is a private label product?

Private labeling is a type of business model, where a business, which does not want to participate in the manufacturing process (for example, a dropshipping business,) asks a private label manufacturing business to manufacture a product under its brand name.

Namely, the private label product carries the dropshipping business’ brand name but is created by the private label manufacturer. The dropshipping business specifies what the product should look like, including the idea, design, ingredients or materials, and packaging. The dropshipping business pays the manufacturer to produce and ship the product to the customer’s address.

When it comes to the private label manufacturers, they usually private label the kinds of products they have the capabilities and expertise to manufacture. And they usually manufacture these products on the same production lines as other brands.

Why you should choose private label manufacturers

There are a few reasons why many businesses choose the private label business model. If done right, private labeling may generate a profitable revenue stream for your online business as it enables you to offer something distinct to your customers. It may provide your buyers with a unique experience they will not find anywhere else. And this is a great way to stand out from your competition.

Another key aspect to point out is that it can give your store a higher level of trust and credibility with buyers and lead to a better customer experience because it gives you greater control over the manufacturing process, product quality, pricing, marketing, and ultimately the brand identity.

It is important to add that private label products are considered lower-cost alternatives to well-established brands since you can optimize the production to suit consumer demand and lower advertising costs. In other words, private labeling is a cost-effective way to create a product without having to invest tons of money into large manufacturing facilities, quality assurance personnel, designers, and a specialized supply chain.

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How to find the best private label manufacturers

Your private label manufacturer will be your business partner, i.e., an integral part of your business so finding the right one is very important. Finding a reliable private label manufacturer may be a time-consuming task if you do not know where to look.

To narrow down your choices and help you find the right one for your online business, we have compiled a list of the best private label manufacturers divided by category.

Clothing Private Label Suppliers & Manufacturers  


1. Moshi Leather Bag

As a handmade leather bag manufacturer with over a decade of experience in the industry, Moshi Leather Bag is a great private label manufacturer to partner with. Moshi is a family-owned company that allows you to customize your bag designs, leather materials, fabric lining, and color. It means that you can get any kind of bag made in the style, color, material, and detail of your choice. And the best thing about Moshi Leather Bag is that it has no minimum order quantity, accepts small orders, and offers dropshipping. By working with Moshi, you can help your customers complete their outfits with beautiful, high-quality leather bags, exquisitely designed to perfection.

2.  Zega Apparel

Zega Apparel is a US-based private label manufacturer, offering private label apparel manufacturing services, printing, and embroidery. It provides customization on almost every type of fabric, pattern, and design, so you can express originality and control the design details and labels sewn on your garment. From custom t-shirts and hoodies to cut and sew jeans and jackets, the company has almost any kind of customization alternative that you need to build your own clothing brand. Zega Apparel has a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces per design, which means that you have to order at least 50 pieces to cooperate with this manufacturer.

3.  Royal Apparel

Since its launch in 1992, Royal Apparel has become a leading pioneer in the world of knit apparel. Located in New York, the United States, the company offers private label and dropshipping services. It enables you to custom make your apparel based on its existing clothing pieces or it can design something specifically for you. By collaborating with Royal Apparel, you can pick your fabric, select your color, and create your own pattern. You can actually turn your concept into reality. Just keep in mind that depending on the complexity of your project, the minimum order quantity ranges from 1,200 to 2,400 pieces per style and color.

4.  BaliSwim

BaliSwim is the leading manufacturer of swimwear with over 25 years of experience in the swimwear and activewear manufacturing industry. Due to its low minimum orders, customizable ready designs, and eco options for almost everything that it offers, the manufacturer works with hundreds of labels across the world, including new and already established brands in the United States, Australia, and Europe. The company is ready to provide you with the guidance, tools, and strategies that you need to create your iconic swimwear design. With BaliSwim, you can become a successful entrepreneur and help your customers hit the beach in style with high-quality swimwear.

Beauty & Cosmetics Private Label Suppliers & Manufacturers


5.  All Natural Health and Beauty

All Natural Health and Beauty can be a great place to look at if you are interested in private label dropshipping. The company’s team of professionals can help you come up with the right formula that perfectly matches your ideas, quality, and branding strategy. What’s more, the company offers private label dropshipping, which means that it can deliver your skin, body, or hair care products to the Amazon fulfillment centers, anywhere in the world. When a customer places an order, the Amazon staff will ship the product directly to your customer. If you do not want to sell on Amazon, All Natural Health and Beauty can also do the shipping from its Florida-based facility directly to your customer.

6.  Cosmetic Solutions

With Cosmetic Solutions, you can create your own private label skincare, beauty, and wellness products. As a global leader in turnkey private label, custom formulation, and contract manufacturing, the company has the capability to develop custom formulations and unique skincare and wellness products exclusively for your business to your specifications. At Cosmetic Solutions, the knowledgeable cosmetic chemists use only pure and quality ingredients to create a wide range of products, ranging from cleansers and moisturizers to body lotions and face masks.

7.  Dynamic Blending

Established in 2015 and based in Utah, the United States, Dynamic Blending is a global cosmetic manufacturing company, specializing in private label cosmetics. Committed to providing exceptional customer service, Dynamic Blending works with cosmetic companies to deliver the best and most innovative manufacturing solutions available. Whether you are a start-up or an already established business, the company can take your brand from concept to fulfillment as well as help your business thrive. Thanks to its partnership with Launch Fulfillment, the company can fulfill the online orders you may receive.

8.  Evora Worldwide

If you are interested in private label dropshipping and want to create your own line of one-of-a-kind skincare and personal care products, Evora Worldwide may be the right choice for your dropshipping business. The US-based company has the capacity to bring your custom skin care and personal care formulation, branding, and packaging ideas to life as well as ship your products directly to your customers. Plus, the company’s website has integrations with some of the largest e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.

Nutrition & Supplements Private Label Suppliers & Manufacturers


9.  Ion Labs

One of the largest internationally recognized contract supplement manufacturers, Ion Labs offers private label dropshipping. As a supplement manufacturer with over three decades of experience in the industry, the company has been supplying new and existing customers with top-notch products in nutrition and health manufacturing and providing them with the best pricing and customer service experience. Using the services of this Florida-based company, you can develop and launch your line of dietary supplements and vitamins. But remember that at Ion Labs, the minimum order is 5,000 units or bottles. 

10.  Vitalabs

Headquartered in Georgia, Vitalabs prides itself on having over 40 years of experience in the nutritional supplement market. The company also offers private label and dropshipping services. By collaborating with Vitalabs, you can create and effectively market your own vitamins and supplements, ranging from essential amino acids and probiotics to enzymes and detoxifiers. As the company requires a minimum order quantity of 48 bottles per item under your own label, it can be an excellent option for you if you are on a small budget. And in case you do not have your own product label artwork already, do not worry – Vitalabs offers customer label artwork solutions.

11.  JW Nutritional

Based in Texas, the United States, JW Nutritional is a supplement manufacturer, which specializes in private labeling of dietary and nutritional supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, and powders for weight loss, sports nutrition, and general health. The company meets GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements, so with JW Nutritional, you do not have to worry about quality. The company offers low minimum orders, but it has not listed the lowest set amount of stock that it is willing to sell on its website. JW Nutritional also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of its fulfillment and dropshipping services because of its partnership with Midwest Logistics.

12.  Sunfood Nutraceuticals

Sunfood Nutraceuticals is a private label supplement manufacturer, located in the County of San Diego, California, the US. The manufacturer can help you turn your vision into reality as it specializes in private labeling. The knowledgeable and skillful team of experts at Sunfood Nutraceuticals is ready to work closely with you to develop new formulas or improve upon existing ones. So whether you are a large-scale business that needs extra production capacity or just a beginner with a business idea, the company can help you grow alongside it with mutual prosperity and success. If you are a dropshipping business and do not know how you are going to ship these products to your customers, Sunfood Nutraceuticals has a solution to the problem – it can ship them to your customers.

Electronics Private Label Suppliers & Manufacturers

13. Denver Electronics 

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Denmark, Denver Electronics offers one of the biggest portfolios of consumer electronics in Europe. But that’s not all the company has to offer. It also manufactures quality products that meet the needs of customers, of course, without the big brand-name price. With Denver Electronics, you can also create quality customized and private label products. It is important to add that all electronic devices at Denver Electronics comply with the highest EU quality and safety standards.



Based in Werdohl, Germany, XLYNE is a German manufacturer of sophisticated smartwatches, storage solutions, and multimedia devices and accessories. The manufacturer specializes in private labeling and, therefore, it can meet your requirements and provide customized solutions. XLYNE can be your essential partner when bringing your products to market. It can be your guide through the manufacturing process, and you will have a smooth journey from design and development to packaging and distribution. Here, the minimum order quantity starts from 50 items.

15. Shenzhen Pengchu Industry Co.

Shenzhen Pengchu is a China-based manufacturing company, which focuses on the development of innovative power adapters and chargers, power cords, and other power supplies and accessories. Due to its up-to-date testing equipment, any product at Shenzhen Pengchu Industry Co. undergoes strict quality control from design to packaging. Since its launch in 2004, the company has established strong relationships with clients and business partners worldwide because of its high-quality products and competitive pricing. If you want to sell power supplies and accessories, Shenzhen Pengchu Industry Co. may be the right choice for you.

16. Hypercel

In short, Hypercel is a California-based mobile device accessory manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. The company offers thousands of high-quality products, ranging from smartphone cases and screen protectors to Bluetooth devices and wireless chargers. By cooperating with Hypercel, you have the opportunity to apply your name, design, trademark, and address on the package of over 4,000 products as well as establish your own brand name on one or more custom products that are exclusive to your business. You know that many people nowadays are spending a lot of money on accessories for their smartphones and electronic gadgets, so why not partner with Hypercel and start selling these kinds of products?

Home Decor Private Label Suppliers & Manufacturers


17. Canggu & Co

Located in Bali, Indonesia, Canggu & Co is a treasure trove of gorgeous home décor with a tropical touch, ranging from stunning home vases and handmade bed covers to eco-friendly tableware and boho-chic treasures. If you want to sell your own custom design and private label homeware, then look no further than Canggu & Co. The company’s team is willing to help you design and create your own private label products. Just send them an email with rough drawings or pictures of the products you want to make, and they will collaborate with you as a team to select the best color, pattern, material, shape, etc. The good news is that they do not require you to order a certain quantity of items at once.

18. Mytex Home Fashions

Who is Mytex? They are a leading manufacturer of high-quality pillows and cushions, bedding, sheets, and other home textiles. With headquarters in the United States, Mytex sources the finest quality of materials from China, Pakistan, and India, and utilizes its own factory in China to create its stylish and innovative products. The company has been supplying branded and private label products to top importers, wholesalers, and online retailers around the world for over 20 years. Partner with this company and help your customers refresh their living rooms and bedrooms with your decorative private label products.

19. Manumerc

Manumerc is a manufacturer of a wide range of kitchen and home products. Located in London, the United Kingdom, the company develops and manufactures high-quality kitchen tools and gadgets, cookware, bakeware, tableware, and many other products at low cost due to its extended network of factories. It also offers private labeling solutions and low minimum orders for wholesale, retail, and e-commerce businesses across the globe. If you are interested in creating your kitchenware under your brand name, then do not hesitate to contact this private label manufacturer.

20. Zodax

Since 1990, Zodax has become a recognized leader in the design, development, and distribution of home decorative accessories in the United States. Besides its leadership position in the US market, the manufacturer also has operations in other countries, including Canada, Japan, and many European countries. Zodax offers a private label program, which encompasses a wide variety of products and materials. But the company’s team is proficient at designing and manufacturing candles and fragranced products. Each product at Zodax is crafted with care and attention to detail. So contact this manufacturer and help your customers set the mood and brighten up their homes with candles and scented products.
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What to pay attention to when choosing a private label manufacturer

Before approaching a manufacturing company with a private label proposal, you need to research your target customers so you learn more about their buying patterns.

Once you have learned more about the buying patterns of your target customers, you need to make key contacts with top executives, regional sales managers, marketing personnel, or salespeople as they can get you in the door of your target customers. You can do so by attending industry association meetings or trade shows.

Additionally, as you can see, private label products are available in a broad range of industries from beauty & cosmetics to clothing & accessories. So you should determine which category your product falls into and focus on those manufacturers that seem the most promising.

Manufacturers that seem the most promising are those that have the capacity to create high-quality products, make the modifications you want, provide great customer service, have attractive prices and low minimum orders, and deliver on time.

Finally, select the best ones and contact them. Just ensure you are clear and to the point when contacting them. Ensure that you know exactly what the manufacturing process is and that they know what you are looking for.


To sum up, realizing your creative visions and launching your own product line will be a fun and interesting journey! Of course, developing a unique brand identity will take some time, and you will have to work hard to achieve your goals. But do not forget that success lies in never giving up!

Don’t forget to check and find out more about the various types of eCommerce business models, from private labeling to white labeling and dropshipping, you will find everything there, including how to choose the perfect eCommerce business model for your online business.

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