Low Competition Dropshipping Niches for Beginners

low competition dropshipping niches for beginners

Before entering the dropshipping sector, you should find a niche that will bring you profit for years to come. Choosing low competition dropshipping niches is one of the things that will determine your success.

But let’s be honest. Selecting the best dropshipping niche can be challenging as it requires you to do market research and trend analysis. To achieve success in the dropshipping industry, you need to do research and focus on the right niche market.

The right niche market is the one that’s profitable but has low competition. This means that you need to choose products that are in high demand and not sold by many online merchants. This makes it easier for the potential customers to say, “Yeah, this is exactly what I was looking for!”

Research may sound like an unimportant step in the process of opening a dropshipping business. However, remember that all successful e-commerce store owners first understand the industry they will be involved in so they can dominate the market. Then, they take action.

To save you time, we have conducted comprehensive market research and curated a list of the most profitable niches with low competition. We based our research on two data sources: Ahrefs and Google Trends. You can do the same, or simply have a look at the ones below.

Top low competition dropshipping niches with maximum profits

With the following dropshipping niches, you can bring many customers to your online store, simply because the demand is on the rise and your competitors haven’t even started researching yet.

low competition dropshipping niches

Solar energy products

More and more people are becoming aware of the beneficial effects of solar energy on the planet. They know that solar power is an excellent long-term investment, which can help them enjoy energy independence, lower their electricity bills, and decrease global emission levels. So it is unsurprising that solar energy products are so popular nowadays. Not only are these products in high demand, but they also are not as competitive as you might think.

The list of solar-powered products is not so long. But it includes everything from outdoor motion sensor lights and solar-powered patio string lights to solar power banks and solar panels. If you want to deep dive into the renewable energy industry, these products may be a smart choice.

dropshipping niches for beginners

Eco-friendly products

In addition to being aware of the usefulness of solar energy, many people are also interested in taking care of the environment. The scale of the challenges facing the Earth seems daunting, but everyone can do their best to make a difference. We can all save the Earth only if we act with great urgency.

People know that, so this has recently led to the increased popularity of eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products are less harmful to the environment compared to their regular counterparts. Therefore, there is no better time than now for you to start selling sustainable, eco-friendly products online. By launching a sustainable, eco-friendly offering, you can make money online and do your part in saving the planet.

Luckily, this can be a profitable niche for your dropshipping business that can give you the feel of contribution to global environmental protection.

products to dropship beginners

Baby products

There are 4.5 births happening every second. Most parents are super excited about having a child and do everything to prepare for their new baby — whether it’s a firstborn or a new sibling. As a result, they spend a lot of money on clothing, toys, supplies, and other products for their toddlers.

Modern moms just can’t get enough of new products for their little ones. But they tend to be quite selective about what they let their kids wear and use. This is a profitable yet low competition dropshipping niche where there is a lot of money to be made. Want to sell these products through your e-commerce website?

Whatever you choose to sell, chances are you will never cease to amaze new parents. You can sell clothing that babies will look good and feel comfortable in or toys that will keep their little hands and minds busy. You have so many options to choose from.

Just remember that as a new online store owner, it is important to offer top-notch baby products from reputable brands that parents will feel confident about buying.

low competition dropshipping products

Health & beauty products

Though there’s a growing interest in health and beauty products, the competition level in this niche is not so high. This is really good news for you as a new online merchant.

Due to the human need to look great and stay healthy, dropshipping such products may be a profitable niche. With a wide range of health and beauty products to choose from, this niche is a great category to choose for your online store.

Just let your entrepreneurial mind go to work. And add everything from high-quality nail polish sets and neck massagers to body moisturizers and acne-fighting creams enriched with vitamins, aromatic oils, and plant extracts to your store.

When customers start buying from you, make sure you provide excellent customer service. By doing this, you will encourage them to come back for more. This will lead to guaranteed success.

low comp dropshipping niches

Pet products

As the old saying goes, “Time spent with a pet is never wasted.” But only those who have pets know that this is true. There is a deep connection between humans and pets. Therefore, pet owners do their best to keep their little cute friends happy and healthy.

If you are feeling inspired to start selling pet products online, you will not make a mistake. This niche has huge potential because almost everyone has a pet nowadays. What’s more, the level of competition in this niche is also low.

Within this dropshipping niche, you can sell a variety of pet products and supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals, and so on. But what are actually the most popular pet products sold online? To put it simply, pet product trends change quickly. So as a newcomer to the industry, you should keep up to date with all these trends and changes.

According to our research, the current top-selling pet products and supplies include car seat protectors, dog harnesses, personalized collars, multifunction biting toys, and novelty pet beds, to name a few.

dropshipping niches low competition

Sports equipment

Why is this niche on our list? The answer is simple: Because it has low competition and can help you generate a steady income stream from home.

Specifically, some people are deeply immersed in sports and go to the gym every single day. Others simply want to get into better shape and visit the gym from time to time or exercise at home. Engaging in some sort of physical exercise puts these people on the path to a healthy lifestyle. This is what their goal is and what everybody’s end goal should be.

These people often need some kind of sports equipment to achieve their goals. And this is where you come in! By running a sports equipment dropshipping business, you can help these people achieve their goals and live healthier lifestyles. Need we say more?

led lights low competition niches dropshipping


As you probably know, LED lighting is both energy-efficient and inexpensive. Today, it is one of the most energy-efficient and fast-developing lighting technologies.

High-quality LED lights use little energy and last a long time. They are even more durable and last longer compared to other kinds of lighting. Does this mean that these lights are a great financial investment? Of course!

People are interested in buying LED lamps and in most cases already have one. However, not so many dropshippers sell these lamps, meaning that the competition is low. That’s why LED lighting may be one of the most profitable dropshipping niches.

With everything from LED strip lights and LED night light projectors to LED outdoor lighting and LED ceiling lights, you can help your customers decorate and enhance the ambiance of their homes. LED-based products are one of the most sought-after low-competition dropshipping niches nowadays.

minimalist watches dropshipping

Minimalist watches

In an age of excess, the idea of minimalism is appealing to many. Unsurprisingly, minimalist watches have recently become very popular among young people.

Built for those who love and appreciate simplicity, these wearable devices have simplistic designs and look classy. Not only do they look elegant, but they are also some of the most reasonably priced watches out there.

They are not luxury watches, so they do not cost a fortune. So, it is a good idea to add a variety of minimalist watches to your e-commerce website and let your customers add subtle sophistication to their looks.

In this dropshipping niche, you will not be competing against too many large companies. But this does not mean that you will be the only one selling these kinds of products. It simply means that this niche market has relatively low competition.

Final thoughts

Now, you probably have a pretty good idea of what drop shipping niche you are about to get into. Remember that specializing in one dropshipping niche is crucial to success.

So focus solely on low competition dropshipping niches and their customer bases. Align closely with your customers and prioritize their preferences and needs. In a nutshell, try to establish a dominant position as a player in that niche and excel at managing your dropshipping business.

We hope that focusing on one of the above-mentioned profitable dropshipping niches with low competition will be a worthwhile journey for you. And we hope that your dropshipping business will enjoy long-lasting success.

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