The Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Canada

E-commerce plays an important role in global retail and redefines commercial activities worldwide. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to make their purchases online and Canadians are no exception to this. Why dropshipping suppliers in Canada?

Canada’s e-commerce market is constantly growing. Over the years, the country has embraced the e-commerce trend, so it is a particularly profitable and technologically advanced market now. This is what makes Canada a good place to start your dropshipping business.

Is it a good idea to work with a domestic, Canadian-based dropshipping supplier?

Although most dropshipping automation apps such as Oberlo easily integrate with AliExpress and the great number of Chinese suppliers that supply a wide selection of products, many dropshipping entrepreneurs in Canada choose to work with local, Canadian-based suppliers. The main reason for this is the fact that the shipping times from the Asian continent to Canada can take up to a few weeks to reach customers.

Canada is dominated by the largest U.S. e-commerce companies, but it also has enough digital space for some well-established local companies. If you want to start, operate, and grow an online business (become a dropshipper) and your target market is Canada, keep in mind that the domestic and US-based dropshipping suppliers may provide many advantages, such as faster shipping times, over suppliers from other countries.

Namely, when your customer places an order on your store, they expect to get it as quickly as possible. And working with domestic suppliers or even US-based ones allows for faster shipping times.

To give you a better perspective on the state of the country’s dropshipping industry and help you choose the best supplier for your business, we will focus only on the best dropshipping suppliers in Canada.

Here are the best dropshipping suppliers in Canada.

  1. Silvert’s

Located in Ontario, Canada, Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear is the largest distributor and dropshipping supplier of adaptive clothing in North America. The company designs adaptive clothing for people with physical disabilities or the elderly that experience difficulty dressing up. 

Silvert’s serves dropshippers in Canada and the United States and its dropshipping program offers high-resolution product image uploads, professional invoicing, timely shipping, and priority order fulfillment. If you live in Canada or the US and believe that making dressing easier for individuals with special needs is a good business idea that can be turned into a profitable online business, then partner with this company.

  1. Grover Essentials Inc.

This is another wholesale and dropshipping supplier based in Canada. On its website, you will find a wide selection of bed and bath products, including sheets, blankets, bath rugs, and curtains and drapes, all available for quick delivery to your customers.

Grover Essentials Inc. has a convenient return policy for damaged goods and provides free return shipping. To get started selling with this company and help your customers create a comfortable, welcoming home that suits their style, you need to sell online on Shopify, eBay, or Amazon.

  1. Allure Lingerie

With decades of experience in designing and selling exquisite lingerie and accessories, Allure Lingerie is an industry leader in both North America and Europe. The provocative lingerie and intimate apparel are widely known by customers throughout their home country of Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Designed to last, these are pieces that allow the wearer to explore, embrace and celebrate sexuality. When it comes to Allure Lingerie’s dropshipping policy, no minimum order is required. Lingerie never goes out of fashion, so why not start dropshipping these types of products and win your customers over?

  1. Kimmy Shop

Kimmy Shop is a Canadian-based dropshipping supplier specializing in licensed TV and movie character merchandise, including toys, games, bags & backpacks, and apparel, from brands like Hasbro, Disney, Marvel, and many more.

This supplier does not charge any dropshipping fee. It has a monthly subscription fee of $15 with a 14-day trial. With headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and a distribution warehouse in New York, the United States, orders are processed and shipped within a couple of days of receipt.

  1. Grosche

Grosche is a socially responsible company that enacts positive change and makes the world a better place every single day. Every product the company sells helps communities in need through the safe water project.

Grosche offers whole bean coffee, loose leaf tea, glasses and mugs, infusers and strainers, and many other coffee and tea accessories. As a global B2B wholesale supplier, the company ships these amazing products from its warehouses in Canada and the USA. Work with this supplier if you want to sell unique products and change the world for the better!

  1. TeeHatch

Being compatible with a few online marketplaces and sales channels like Shopify and WooCommerce, TeeHatch is a Canadian-based print-on-demand company operating as a dropshipping supplier. The company offers three kinds of printing including vinyl, DTG, and embroidery, and dropships printed hoodies, t-shirts, and more, across Canada. There is no minimum order on the site.

As a dropshipper and partner with TeeHatch, you can sell printed merchandise on a per-order basis with ease. But for your business to flourish, you should invest time, effort, and money in marketing because the competition is fierce.

  1. Wholesale2B

Wholesale2b is not a domestic supplier. It is actually an excellent supplier directory that features a large number of vetted dropshipping suppliers and easily integrates with many e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, and eBay.

Wholesale2b offers a vast selection of over 1.5 million items, ranging from health & beauty and electronics to clothing and children’s products, at wholesale prices. Thanks to its multiple dropshipping plans, this supplier directory provides dropshipping worldwide, including Canada, the UK, and the United States. You can either browse the product database for free or sign up for a plan and enjoy the superb customer service.

  1. WorldwideBrands

Worldwide Brands is one of the best wholesale and dropshipping directories on the market representing thousands of reliable wholesale and dropshipping suppliers. Although this is not a Canadian-based directory, it lists many dropshipping suppliers based in Canada or who deliver to Canada.

This directory visits exclusive trade shows communicates directly with manufacturers and takes each supplier through a very strict qualification process. Worldwide Brands does not give its seal and listing to everyone, which means that you will work with legitimate and certified wholesale and dropshipping suppliers here. For a single payment of $299, you will get unlimited, lifetime access to millions of quality wholesale products.

  1. Spocket

Trusted by more than 60,000 dropshippers, Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace that integrates with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Wix. By using Spocket, you can find a dropshipping supplier from a country of your choice as it lists thousands of trustworthy suppliers from all over the world.

To choose a supplier that has their product inventory based in Canada, you can use the filtering system on the site. Spocket offers four monthly plans, including Free, Starter, Pro and Empire. Each of them offers a free 14-day trial, which means that you can start using Spocket for free.

  1. SaleHoo

A supplier directory, research tool, and online community for e-commerce stores, wholesalers, and dropshipping entrepreneurs, SaleHoo is a great place where you can find profitable products from 8,000 trusted, low-cost suppliers. Although the company is headquartered in New Zealand, most of the suppliers in the directory are actually based in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

SaleHoo offers a basic plan for $27 per month and a premium plan for $97 per month. First of all, you need to sign up and create an account. Then you need to search for products that you want to add to your online store. When you find the product you need for your business, contact the supplier for more information about their dropshipping program. If you both agree to work together, then congratulations on your new online venture!

Canada’s dropshipping market opportunities

Fortunately, operating a dropshipping business gives you the opportunity to incorporate in a country that best suits your business needs. Canada has recently established itself as an entrepreneurial powerhouse; consequently, running such a business in this country can be extremely fruitful and help you create a continuous income stream.

You can run your online business as efficiently as possible, increase your profits and improve your customer satisfaction by partnering with the right supplier. We know that it can be very hard and time-consuming to find the right supplier for your business. But we have made a list of some of the best dropshipping suppliers in the country, so it is up to you to decide what supplier you want to work with.

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