The Best eCommerce Marketplaces For Online Sellers

The overall shopping experience has changed dramatically over the past year or so, and a lot of the shoppers decide to buy all the necessities online, instead of visiting the local physical stores. This is why many eCommerce marketplaces keep growing exponentially and give opportunities to resellers.

Recent studies have shown that in the last year, around 2 billion out of all population decided to buy something online, and the numbers are significantly higher this year. In fact, online shopping is a lot easier for the customers, because they get the chance to browse through different products, compare prices between different shops and buy whatever they like from the comfort of their home. Believe it or not, in 2018, online shoppers have spent around $2 trillion worldwide!

So, if you are in the retail business, you need to be aware of all of the benefits that the online marketplace offers you. But, if you are kind of lost and have no idea where to start, we are sharing the most efficient eCommerce marketplaces in the world! They are all similar but different, so make sure you choose the best one for you.

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There are not a lot of people who haven’t heard about Amazon so far, since it is the biggest eCommerce website in the US. Statistics show that in 2017, Amazon had around 5 million retailers, and believe it or not, more than 197 million US shoppers browsed this site every month! Big numbers, right?

This site is perfectly created for all big or smaller sellers because they get the chance to display all of their products to an audience created out of millions of people around the world. The great thing about Amazon is that it creates listed guidelines for the products, so everyone, from really famous brands to local stores will get the same chance to get noticed.

Two of the most popular features on this site are one that is known as Fulfillment and the other one that has an affiliate structure idea. FBA means that you don’t need to take care of packing, shipping, or storing because Amazon does all of this instead of you. The other program gives certain influencers an URL that is linked to their mock storefront, so you can get more popularity every time they share the products you sell.

When it comes to the costs, you need to pay $39 every month, but there are some additional costs too.


This marketplace is known as one of the biggest retailers worldwide, and 20 years ago, it started with the eCommerce business and launched its popular website If you start selling your products on this website, you will have the possibility to reach out to more than 110 million people around the globe.

If you want to be a part of this eCommerce community, you need to have top-notch products and the prices must be competitive. Once you get approved, you need to choose whether you will sell regularly or with the drop-ship process, because you can’t work with both options at the same time.

Walmart offers many benefits for the sellers. This marketplace is connected with many service providers and this gives you the chance to automate a big part of the whole selling process. Also, there are many ways to take advantage of the brand awareness that Walmart has built offer the recent years

Also, there is not a strict fee every month, but the fee is based on your sales.

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eBay has introduced to the world 25 years ago, and since then it has transformed from being a website that sells used products to becoming an amazing and successful eCommerce marketplace. This is the perfect place to sell both new products and products that have already been used.

Nowadays, there are around 200 million users every month, which increases the chances of selling anything. Even if you haven’t created a website, eBay Seller Hub is going to help make sure that you sell without having any problems.

eBay even helps you increase sales, by showing you what products are most attractive to your customers, which promotions are most popular, and many other things.

Marketplace cost: eBay gives you three options. A Standard plan without a strict fee, but there’s a fee later when you sell some items. A Plus plan with $13.50 per month and a Premium plan which has some pretty amazing tools.


This is a perfect place to sell your vintage and handmade products.

Etsy allows sellers to sell their products independently of this brand to preserve their brand identity. So, if you are new in this marketplace, you will have the chance to cultivate loyal customers as you develop your selling process. Etsy gives you access to more than 30 million shoppers, so we are pretty sure that you will discover your perfect target audience. 

Also, you can take advantage of the Etsy application in case you have a pop-up store! And what’s even better is that this marketplace can show you how to advertise effectively!

When it comes to the fee, you need to pay $0.20 for each listed product and some other minor costs.

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Jet has a smaller but well-segmented audience of around 400,000 users every month. Although it is significantly smaller than other marketplaces, Jet gives you the chance to get a lot more exposure and it has a higher buyer rate for repeated sales of 23%.

A really good feature is that Jet gives value to lower prices compared to faster delivery, making shopping less expensive and available to everyone. The good thing is that you can get customers’ addresses through Jet, so you can inform them via email about new products, promotions, and much more.

Also, you pay a commission for every product that you sell.


This marketplace is specialized only for tech products.

This platform is different than other marketplaces because it offers you many advertising programs, so you can easily reach an audience of over 15 million potential buyers, which browse through Newegg’s marketplace every year.

Also, you can simplify the shipping, by using their shipping option. This way, you don’t need to worry about the packing and shipping part, because Newegg can do the entire process.

The costs that you are going to pay depend on the products.

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This is an enormous marketplace situated in Japan and it is perfect for both smaller and bigger sellers who want to expand their work worldwide. It allows you to create a storefront with your personalized policies when it comes to the privacy part and the return process.

An amazing feature that Rakuten gives you is the opportunity to share incentives to potential customers when they search in the browser. One of the most attractive programs on this platform is their program for loyal customers, which gives shoppers more points as they make more purchases. These points can be used in future purchases. This is a good eCommerce trick since more than 40% of the revenue is from customers that buy repeatedly. 

To sell here, you need to pay $39 every month and almost $1 for every item that you sell.


The industry that is based on subscription boxes has made a breakthrough into the eCommerce area, so if you own a subscription box, the Cratejoy marketplace is a perfect fit for you.

Cratejoy offers many features that you can use – logistics connected to the subscription, managing the shipping, and some additional guides are some of the most popular options in this marketplace.

This website has more than 3 million visits and around 30,000 transactions are made every month, so it allows you to reach a bigger audience.

If you want to be a part of this marketplace, you need to pay $39 every month, including some transactional costs too.

How to choose the perfect e-commerce marketplace for your business

Let’s be realistic. There are plenty of marketplaces that you could choose from, but to make the right decision, first, you need to set up your ideas, needs, and goals. Every platform offers amazing features, so you need to think about what it is that you want to achieve by using a certain marketplace.

Also, there isn’t any rule that states you can’t be selling on multiple marketplaces, so if you think this is going to get you better results, simply go for it. Looking to find suppliers in rare, yet profitable markets? Try some of the best and most popular dropshipping suppliers in South Africa or some of the most profitable dropshipping suppliers in Italy.

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