Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With WooCommerce

Let’s start with a definitive guide to dropshipping with WooCommerce. Now, unlike all those video tutorials, we will guide you through the process of starting your first eCommerce store by text, so please read on.

We will focus on one platform, and that is WooCommerce. We have our reasons for why we chose WooCommerce in front of other platforms like Shopify.

What is WooCommerce?

If you use WordPress, you’ve surely seen the highest rated plugins or add-ons. WooCommerce is one of them. Actually, WooCommerce it’s built on WordPress software. That is a smart decision because almost one-third of the websites that are on the World Wide Web is built with WordPress. You have read it right, actually 31% to be concrete.

WooCommerce actually powers millions of eCommerce stores, and if you are not a developer, it offers you a great chance to build the store of your dreams with the user-friendly features it offers. Many entrepreneurs chose WooCommerce because of these and a couple of other benefits, but it’s best to read below to find out more.

People choose WordPress to build their website because of the user-friendly interface WordPress uses. Everyone can build a website on WordPress, you don’t even need to code – and some plugins allow you to drag and drop your objects. These objects could be your WooCommerce products, and you could easily create your store as easy as it comes.

So, if you are an entrepreneur on a tight budget – start building your store on WooCommerce.

Why you should use WooCommerce for Dropshipping?

We assume you’ve read the other guides. You read all about Shopify and its benefits. Now, many people would tell you to use Shopify over WordPress – but we won’t.

If we are talking about the functionalities or the features Spotify offers, and WooCommerce doesn’t, we can find out that what Shopify has is a great marketing team behind them. If someone recommends starting with Shopify, then maybe it’s because they have some sort of benefit out of it. Yes, Shopify users get discounts and other valuables if you create a store using their link.

While with WooCommerce you know everyone is honest when they are recommending it to you. They don’t get paid to tell you that. 

Although it may sound like Shopify is bad for dropshipping, it isn’t. Shopify has great features and functionalities, too. It’s just overhyped, every dropshipping guide recommends you to use Shopify for eCommerce beginners.

Did you know that WooCommerce is number one when it comes to building an eCommerce store? Yes, and the data actually prove that. WooCommerce takes up around 22% of the cake, while Shopify comes into second place with 17%.

Now, let us explain ourselves – these are the main three reasons for picking WooCommerce over Shopify.

WooCommerce is the cheapest e-commerce platform

Unless your host offers it into a package or something like that, WordPress is completely free. So is the WooCommerce plugin. What are your expenses then? Only the host and the domain, which are incredibly cheap really. You can get them both for $10. This is just one of the reasons why dropshipping with WooCommerce is amazing.

There are some premium plugins or some good looking themes you could buy, but that is not necessary. Those are only optional costs, and if you are on a tight budget, you will probably skip them. But this is only for the beginners because eventually you would expand your host, and improve your design with premium features.

This is one of the reasons we chose WooCommerce over Shopify. Shopify is not free. Yes, you have a 14-day free trial, but after that, you must pay at least $29 for the Basic Plan – even if your store didn’t bring you some revenue. Also, the premium features and functionalities that are on Shopify are more expensive than WooCommerce’s premium features and functionalities. They might even include a monthly fee. 

And if that isn’t enough to get you on our side, Shopify charges an additional 2% fee if you add your own payment method.

Unless you have a hefty budget or some money to throw around, WooCommerce is your perfect platform to start your eCommerce business. You can grow with them, and expand your budget in the process.

WooCommerce is all about flexibility

If you are not convinced, keep on reading. WooCommerce might be a cheap option, but we all ask ourselves sometimes if we should choose the cheaper version of something, does it bring the same quality?

Yes. This is not some cheap product, we have shown you the data – this is the best available platform for eCommerce available right now. And the numbers show that.

WordPress allows you more freedom and flexibility while building your store. You can integrate 1 of the 56,000 plugins available on the software. That is not the case with Shopify. You have all the permissions on WordPress because it’s your site and domain.

User-friendliness has not been better. The plugins are here for you, and you don’t have the need of a developer, like ever. There are actually pretty awesome plugins for integration and automation. For example, importing products from the supplier’s store.

You can enter the Facebook Pixel or Google codes into your site with plugins, no need to enter the .php files.

WooCommerce has no product restrictions

Yes, you read that right. You can sell everything on WooCommerce – just figure out the payment processes.

Shopify has its terms and conditions, and they might be too careful sometimes. Shopify is picky with the products you can sell on their eCommerce platform. Let’s not sound harsh, they approve almost all legal products, but you can’t sell, for example, hair extensions on Shopify. 

We’ve told you above that if you want to use your own payment method, you’ll get charged an additional 2% on every sold item. WooCommerce doesn’t add transaction fees, so we will let you choose which one is better.

There are no rules that can tell you what you can, or can’t sell on WooCommerce. That is not the case with Shopify. If you want to run a successful dropshipping business with Shopify, you should always listen and adapt to their terms and conditions.

What You Need To Create A WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

Did you choose WooCommerce to start your dropshipping business right? If you did this, we have made a guide that will help you with the process of creating a WooCommerce store, so read below.

Subscribe to hosting provider, and buy a Domain Name

Okay, so your domain name is the name of your website actually, so be picky. Choose the right name, according to the products you will be selling. If you don’t have any ideas, you always have the website name generator available. That is not an option, we are just kidding. Find something that suits your area, and please try to look for something memorable. Also, think about the Branding with that name, and see if it clicks right with you.

After that, you need hosting. Try to find an affordable one if you are on a budget, and if you are not – choose performance and don’t look for cheap ones.

You will have the option to add WordPress on your hosting, and you can easily start building your site from that point. You have plugins like Elementor, which can help you with building your custom themes. The best thing about Elementor is that you can integrate it with WooCommerce, and edit the product designs.

WordPress and the WooCommerce Plugin

Now, you can install the WooCommerce plugin into WordPress easily. The left-hand toolbar has a category called Plugins. Click Add New and search for WooCommerce in the search field. Although WooCommerce might pop up like a recommendation – because as I’ve said it’s one of the most used plugins in WordPress.

Design your WooCommerce theme the right way

You surely ask yourself, which is the right way? Conversion themes should be the right way, well according to us. Your theme strikes the users since the page loads, and there a couple of seconds available to impress them. See which theme has the most impressive results in the last couple of months, do your research. As I’ve told you, you always have a free theme or a plugin that can help you customize your theme through add-ons.

Integrate it with the WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin

Next, you want to build a relationship with your clients, or not? This recommendation is totally optional. If you are aiming to sell a few carefully chosen products from one supplier, the basic version of WooCommerce would be enough for you. But if you are aiming to create a big store, with a couple of collections and catalogs, then you can purchase a plugin that connects you to many suppliers from Alibaba.

This is it. At this point, you’ll be able to start creating your eCommerce business with WooCommerce. If you feel like comparing eCommerce platforms, check out the best three eCommerce platforms – Shopify vs WooCommerce vs BigCommerce – compared and exposed. This should provide you with more insights and other valuable information.

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